Blank Email Content

Occasionally, I find emails that are totally blanked. Message header seems intact, but the content is missing. When this happens, it is true for a number of emails. Last time, they came back after a day or two. What gives?

If you are using IMAP, that could just be some corruption in the message cache. Right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail account, right-click on All Mail instead.

Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, I am using as server. But I have set eM Client up to download emails off the server locally, so that I have permanent record of emails… and so that the server does not load up and possibly purge my emails. So these blank emails are already downloaded locally and no longer resident on the server. Apparently, the “repair” option is absent for local folders. Any other ideas? Thanks again.

Yes, the repair option is for resyncing the message cache from the server, so if you have moved the messages to a Local Folder, it does not apply.

I am not sure what the reason for them being temporarily blank is. All I can suggest is that you keep eM Client updated as newer versions in the Release History may have fixes for things like this.

I dont get the Repair option at all - under Properties it only shows General

The repair option is only for IMAP folders. If you are looking at a Local Folder or a POP3 account, the option will not be there.