Blank areas in client window after update

Just updated to 9.2.1601 on MacOS Ventura 13.1, and I am seeing large blank swaths on the client window.

Restarting the client makes these disappear, but after a while they come back.

Same here 9.2.1601 Ventura 13.1
After the update some elements of the interface dissapear and then the email list itself dissapears, switching between diffeerent accounts returns a few emails in each inbox but not the full list.

Restarting emClient gets it working for a few minutes but so far I’ve had to restart 3 times and the update only installed maybe an hour ago.

Same to me. 9.2.1601 on mac with macOS 13.2.1

If you go to Preferences > Mail > Read > Message List and select the option to show messages in groups, then click on Save & Close, is there any difference?

Please install the latest release in the Release History.

It has a fix for this issue, but please let me know if it is not resolved after the update.

Thanks Gary, that seems to have solved it!


So far so good, several hours after installing the update. Thank you, @Gary !