Blacklisting Quirky - please fix

I have a number of issues with the functionality of Blacklisting…

  1. I cannot seem to be able to whitelist a domian. For some reason emails from colleagues sometimes end up in the Junk folder and I want to whitelist all of them… How do I do this? I can blacklist a domain but not whitelist one.

  2. I manage to somehow have emails from myself end up in the Junk folder. I keep deleting my email address in the blacklist but for some reason I keep getting myself blacklisted. Why would eMC blacklist me under any circumstances? I should add that I send emails from multiple devices and copy myself to make sure I have a copy in eMC.

  3. My blacklist has now become quite large and it takes a long time to go through it looking for reasons why some emails have ended up in the junk folder. A search function would be very time saving. The list appears to be alphabetical most of the time… but some addresses end up randomly not alphabetically listed. Huge time waster… how about also having a hover function in the Junk folder detailing why an email has ended up in the Junk folder.

  4. When I right click on an email in a list I can blacklist the sender or his domain. It would be extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) useful if I could whitelist senders or their domain from the same menu. That way can be sure that they are not in my blacklist, presuming email addresses cannot be in both

  5. Which is true… an email address can be both in the whitelist and blacklist at the same time… Really confused me for a while as I whitelisted someone and kept getting their emails kept ending up in my junk folder. took me ages to find him also in my long blacklist. Equally quirky is that I can whitelist the same email address multiple times. I have now added my own email address to the list 3 times in the hope that this will really force my emails not to be blacklisted. Does this make the emails super-whitelisted?

  6. And of course, the lack of a smart Spam filer is a pain. Yes, I know eMC believe that spam shoud be deleted on the mail server and not in the client… But way too many spams manage to get past our spam filter. The quirky blacklisting function exasperates this.

So yes, my feature request is to make blacklisting/whitelisting easier to use.


You don’t need a whitelist because there is no spam detection ability in eM Client. Either your server is moving the message to spam, so you can whitelist it there, or eM Client is moving it to spam because of the Blacklist. If it is eM Client, remove the address from the Blacklist. There is no point in creating a Blacklist to move it to spam and then creating a whitelist to move it out. Rules won’t apply to the Junk folder anyway. But you can right-click on the email in the Junk folder and choose Move to Inbox, Move to Inbox and remove Blacklisted email. If the address is in the Blacklist that will remove it for you without any need for searching. If the message still goes to spam, it is because the server is moving it there, not eM Client.

Most email providers will send messages to spam with the same from and to addresses. Check with your email provider if they can change that. eM Client won’t do that unless you Blacklisted yourself, so check with the email provider.

Blacklist is just a simple Rule. If address matches, move to folder. It is not a spam detection function. All spam detection, and associated whitelisting, are done on the server.

Hi Gary,

So why does eMC have a whitelist if it not being used? What is it for? I agree it is being overridden by the blacklist. If the email is not blacklisted then it will be let through… so what is the eMC whitelist doing?

I would urge eMC to make its whitelist have priority over the blacklist at all times. In fact, if a server, or eMC itself, marks emails as spam or junk in any way, at any time, for any reason, the eMC whitelist should always let them through.

I just logged into our plesk server and checked the whitelist and blacklist there and my email address is only present in the whitelist and NOT in the blacklist.

At least I was able to search the blacklist there… they have a search function.

In any case, I have selected the option in my spam filer on the server to have ****** SPAM AT xxxxxx ******* added to the subject field and let all emails not on the blacklist through. We did this some years ago as some important emails ended up being deleted that should have been let through. A rule in eMC can then put them in the Junk folder (or any folder of your choice) based on this.

“Most email providers will send messages to spam with the same from and to addresses.” I do understand this as it makes sense. But as I download emails into other clients there appears not to happen. I can send emails to myself for sure.

I can move emails from the Junk folder like you say using the right click menu, but I cannot drag and drop them into my inbox. I just checked and it looks like the sender address was removed from the blacklist - hard to tell without search but I spent a long time looking. Thanks for this tip.

I will keep a close eye on my Junk folder. If I see a different behavior pattern emerge I will post again.


eM Client has a whitelist for determining if linked images can be displayed in messages you have received, so nothing to do with spam.

Maybe it should not be called a whitelist…

It is exactly the definition used there for the noun. It is a list of people you consider trustworthy, so linked images they send will always be displayed.

but not neccessarily the email itself…

Yes, any linked images in an email from a trusted person (whitelisted) will be retrieved from the Internet.

Did you change this from “feature request” to “frequently asked questions”? It is still a “feature request” as far as I am concerned.

Hi Gary,

Please see attached. Emails are still landing in my junk folder that should not. I have checked the following:

  1. I “move” them into my inbox as you suggested. You said they would then automatically be removed from the eMC blacklist. Future emails still end up in my Junk folder.

  2. I have gone through my blacklist in eMC and my email address, and others are not in this list. The emails still end up in the Junk folder. To be doubly sure I have also added them to the eMC whitelist although you have told me that is not the function of the eMC whitelist.

  3. I checked the spam filter on our plesk server and these email addresses are whitelisted (and not blacklisted).

  4. I have checked email headers to see if eMC has some other reason to place them in the junk folder. Please see attached a typical header of an email that I sent to myself. It also ended up in my Junk folder. I cannot see any reason in the header for this email to be sent to my junk folder.

Can you give me some clue how to fix this?


If the address or domain is not in the Blacklist Rule, and you have not created another Rule to move them, then it is your server moving them to spam. There is no other way eM Client could do that.

Servers often move messages with the same from and to addresses to spam, so that could be it.