Blacklisting an email address

when I blacklist an email address or a domina, is it the sone shown in the email, or is it the real one it was sent from (as seen in the header inforamtion)? I’m getting a ton of spam from * Don’t want to lose real gotowebinar emails, but most are spoofed from another email address?


miércoles 05 julio 2023 :: 1034hrs (UTC +0100)

Unfortunately it is possible that eMC does not have native capability to solve your issue.
Perhaps a better solution would be to block spoof on your mail server.
However, if any part of the spoof address is always the same the same you can try in eMC:
Menu ->Rules ->Blacklist ->Edit ->Contains
The drop down is top left of pop up Rules window:



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It is the address in the From: header. But you can enter it manually following @skybat’s instructions instead, as that method is more configurable.