Blacklisted emails keep appearing

emails that are moved to Junk and Blacklisted keep appearing.
How can this annoying issue be resolved?

When you click on Move to Junk and then click on Move to Junk and Blacklist Domain (or email) subsequent matching emails will be handled automatically…ie: moved to Junk Email.

Where else are you seeing them?

They reappear in the inbox

When they appear in the inbox do you use the Move to Junk option? Which sub-option are you using, Junk and blacklist email or Junk and blacklist domain?

Junk and blacklist domain

Do you see the domain in the Blacklist RULE?

BTW, what version of eMC are you using?

I’ll confirm if domain is in Rule.
version 8.2.1659 (845a639)

Personally, I find that blacklist the domain is of limited use. I get the same spam from one domain on Monday and then twice on Tuesday from another domain. So, neither blacklist by domain or blacklist by sender works to stop a lot of spam. Those two options do help, but the same emails, from different senders and domains, continue to appear.

Better than Emclient’s minimal spam protection, I pre-scan all my emails with MailWasher Pro. It provides those blacklists, and also standard blacklists like spamcop, and also Bayesean learning algorithms, and its own blacklisting system, so it manages to find about 70% of my spam before it gets to me, and I can delete it before downloading.

When you blacklist a domain, does the next one come from that domain?