Blacklist email

How can I get eM Client to automatically reject emails I’ve designated as blacklisted?


If you have Blacklisted the address or domain, eM Client will automatically move message that match to the Junk folder. That is all you need to do.

If you are asking about bouncing the message back to the sender, we don’t offer that, and it is not a good idea anyway. Bouncing a message simply tells the sender that they have reached a valid and in-use address. That could result in your address being sold to other spammers.

I am searching for a solution to block Countrys completly
Anyone have an Idea how to can i do this?

It is a very beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean, but for example if you wanted to block all emails sent from the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Mauritius, you would add ends with .mu to the Blacklist. Doesn’t necessarily mean messages originating in that country, just email addresses ending in that country’s top-level domain.


Unfortunately this will also blacklist some fine music bands, music sites, and museums that use that TLD. :wink:


I had to look this up, because it was a bit confusing that “domain” didn’t accept wildcards, and I didn’t immediately understand that “ends with” could be used as TLD filtering.

Due to an inordinate amount of spam, I now had to blacklist .shop, .bio, .sbs and .wiki

And of course, just as a precaution due to some incredibly stupid decisions (which unless I’m mistaken is Google’s fault), I also blacklisted .zip and .mov (though unsure if eM is actually intelligent enough to detect links to those TLDs inside possible malicious mails).

You can use wildcards. So:

But in this case with top level domains, it is exactly the same argument as “ends with”.