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My new version of Email client will not blacklist a domain even when instructed to do so. The same e-mails come in  day after day, sometimes twice a day, even though I right-click and “move to junk and blacklist domain”.

I’m having the same problems, more spam e-mails everyday. Why isn’t Blacklist Domain working?

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Are these e-mails that you’re getting from blacklisted domains spam? Spammers often send e-mails from what appears to be the same name, but in fact use a different domain. Can you please check if it isn’t this case? Please also make sure that the Blacklist rule in Menu -> Tools -> Rules is active.

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I think this has become a real problem.  I use “blacklist” rules heavily and within the past few months I have messages from blacklisted domains being ignored.  The kicker is it seems sporadic.

For example, yesterday I received an email in my inbox at 7:18pm from a familiar blacklisted domain.  I verified that the from address was in fact in the active blacklist.  But, when I check junk mail from yesterday, I find that another/different email at 7:52pm from the same domain was present and blacklisted successfully even tho it’s domain portion of the from email address is exactly the same as the one that was apparently ignored.  Go figure.

Is it possible that the from email domain address is different than the one actually being displayed in the interface?  Can wildcards be employed here?

I would be happy to supply any documentation on this example.  

Please fix!!!


Since I could not depend on emClient “blacklist” rules, I ended up solving this problem at the email server level instead of at the client level.  By filtering my inbox there I am “manicuring” my inbox at the source which in turns benefits all of my email clients and devices and provides a more consistent presentation across the board.

Be more pacific what is manicuring at the source,at email level, WHAT DID YOU DO?

I used Gmail filtering to remove all Promotion and Social category emails from my inbox by following the instructions found here:!topic/gmail/J4F-EB2ZinQ

You can use the same technique to remove any specific sender emails you want eliminated or “blacklisted”.

I think this is a great idea. If you had setup complex filtering on one client, then for some reason you move to another email client, you don’t need to recreate your blacklist or other rules again. Very nice.
I have found GMail’s spam filtering to be fairly good, but not perfect. Sometimes something slips through. I then go to the web interface and report that message as spam, and then I never see it again. This also helps the spam engine learn, and keeps those emails out of other’s inboxes.

Gmail filtering is effective and pretty easy to master.  For example, there are certain senders that fall in the Promotion category that I actually want to receive in my inbox.  So, I just look for those first and explicitly put them in the Personal category.  Alas, they show up in my inbox.
Also, you can export your filters, edit with a text editor, and import.  This allows you to easily had a rule using another existing rule as a template.

I have the same issue, I have blacklisted things like @*.win but I still get mails from the .win domain.

Because you can’t use wildcards to specify sub-domains.  You would have to specify each sub-domain individually. eg. or

I have been blacklisting emails and domains left right and centre for ages. But still I get the similar kind of emails arriving.  I can post them all here and you can see how prolific they are at getting through the system?

Everyday I get emails about real Flight Simulator Games, Weight loss solution, Diabetes Breakthrough, My Glutes, and such.

Why is the blacklisting not working?

Isn’t a way we can forward the email to EM Client as spam, and them EM Client can check and ban all emails that have that same subject heading and content?

eM Client can’t detect spam.

All it can do is move message based on the address or domain you have blacklisted. But what happens is that spammers change the addresses and domains frequently. You can check the address in the Blacklist Rule against the new messages that are arriving. The addresses will not be the same.

The best option is to use your email provider’s spam detection.

eM Client Inc. do not offer email facilities, so there is no way they can filter your email.