Blackberry and Em Client sync?

Hi, I have just started using Em Client ‘free’ version and I want to sync my Blackberry with the calendar and contacts, is this possible?

We are now in beta testing phase of service Sync2eM ( that will allow you to sync with mobile phones (including Blackberry) and other applications. You can join our beta program.

I assume that emclient will be able to sync with HTC android phones. Any guide as to how long before it will be out of Beta testing and freely available? It is a very important feature to me as a new user.

It will be available in a few weeks. I assume something like middle of October. As soon as the beta program will expire, it will be payed service. You can register in a beta program and in a few days we will send you beta license code.

Hi Michal, I’d be happy to help test it for blackberry Bold II (9700). My proposed alternative was to sync eM to google, and then use Google’s free sync function.

In terms of monetization, with google jamming free stuff, it would appear you’re better using ads, or selling the tidy desktop client vs. selling the sync/mobile angle. After all I suspect that many others, like me, are dying for a persistent non-web-app client when they come to find eM.


Is this available now? And it is only avaialble if we pay for it?

Hi there - I have downloaded the beta version - now how do I set up the eM Client sync with the Blackberry Curbe 8520 please :slight_smile:

has this been answered? does em client now sync with blackberry?

it should work but you will need additional plug-in as written at our website:… .

you can synchronize your Calendars, Contacts and Tasks with Blackberry through our service Sync2eM ( The instruction are similar to these in… .
In short you will need to install and set up the service account correctly one of 3rd party PIM Sync Plug-ins - Notify Corp NotifySync (download at or MailSite Software AstraSync (

Or Funambol plugin is also working.