Black Week Discount for upgrades too?

I have been waiting for Black Week for some time now to upgrade to version 9. But it seems that the discount is available for purchase, not for upgrade. Is that correct?
I can access the form for the upgrade, it shows the discounted price (“für nur 14,98 €*” in german), but when I enter my license key and click “Weiter”, I see the regular price of 24,98 €. So no black week discount on upgrades?

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The Black Friday discount is only for the purchase of a new license.

Upgrades and VIP Support extensions are not discounted. Sorry.

Cheaper to buy a new Pro license in the Black Friday sales - than to upgrade existing license… just to go from v8 to v9 :man_shrugging:

Yes, it only happens once a year, so we try to offer a REALLY good deal on Black Friday.