Black listing emails and domains

I have been black listing email addresses and domains for quite some time, but there are some with the person’s name, (See attachment with the name jason_strohschein_q. There are 3 examples. There are may more with same name.)

How do I add just “jason_strohschein _q” to

the black list without including any other letters, number, or symbols. Also just including to domain black list without any additional letters, numbers or symbols.

I hope all that is self explanatory.

Thank you,


martes 23 enero 2024 :: 0953hrs (UTC +0100)

I think I understand what you want, I only have 2 Blacklist rules as all other of my Blacklist & Spam work is carried out with a server program.
Anyway see this image, is in Spanish but it shows what you can do on your system when you edit rules click on the ‘v’ to the right of ‘Exact match’ then you can select and enter as your choice.



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