Birthday Date Formatting

It’s bazaar how eM treats Birthday dates.

I have a gMail contact with a Birthday date November 1.  This is how it looks in gMail

In eM in Contacts view it shows correct month and day but 0001 year.  Bad formatting?

In eM on Contact details tab it shows something unreadable.  Really bad formatting.

In eM calendar view it shows an event it created using Birthday date.

In eM Agenda side bar it shows both, Birthday and an event it created.  There’s no need to show both. 

This is a real mess.  

Hi Alex,

The cause of this is, that you created the contact without specified year. Gmail Contacts can handle it but eM Client assumes in it’s contact’s format that the date is: 11/01/0001. However, the earliest date for the calendars in eM Client is 1753 and all previous events are set to the earliest day possible - 01/01/1753. It’s then true that in Agenda, you see both, the contact’s birthday reminder and the calendar’s entry.


I think a valid question would be Why eM cannot handle birthday date without a year the same way that all other email clients under the sun do?  To enter a year for birthday date is just silly.  No one does it.

Birthday literally means the day of birth. It consists of a day, month and year. 

To say Talia’s birthday is November 1, is incorrect. She may celebrate her birthday on November 1, but her birthday is November 1, 19xx. 

This is true.  But I don’t know the exact year for half of the people I send my best Birthday wishes to.  Should I fake the year?  Would it be just easier to add 3 lines of code to ignore the year if it’s missing?  This is what every other email client does.

Yes, I would fake the year, but hopefully Russel will pass it on to the developers and they can find some way to display partial dates.

I forwarded this as a feature request/fix. Thank you Alex for reporting it.


Many people will give you the day and the month, they often won’t tell you the year because they don’t want you to know! I think this need to be fixed! And this bug is 2 years old, wooow!

Thank you, Herbert

It would only make sense to sort or select on the day and month. If we have 20 members with the same day and month but different years it’s impossible to do them individually.

Em has a wonderful mass email facility and it would be even more wonderful to be able to select all birthday on 06/19 and send them all an email at once.