BIG problem with deleting my messages

Hi I am having a couple of problems with em client ( I have paid for pro version etc) 

  •  when i highlight a group of emails before I know it they are deleted - this happened twice today -  a nightmare - costing me around 400 emails - there must be a crazy keyboard short cut or problem with the move function- -Because I NEVER clicked delete

 - Despite investing time and money into this - I am now looking for another email / calendar( never got it working right with accepting etc anyway) But do hope you will fix this for the next people

!!! I really dislike you stealing all my information through google just because I need to lodge a complaint  - but I assume this will stay published and will chase you on that if it is not - thanks em

Hi Mark, are the messages available on the server? There’s no setting/shortcut that would allow this to happen.
Are you using any rules? What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Are you able to replicate this issue?

Thank you,