Better understanding the Archive function before I use it.

How does archive function operate? I sort my email as soon as it comes in as I have way to much to just let it all sit in one folder. While I do delete some, probably at least 60% has to stay around for records purposes. I like the idea of archiving older emails as they are not referenced very often. The volume of email still around means I do not want it all heaped into a single folder when its archived. So wondering if the archive function will preserve my sorting, so I can still easily enough find a specific email when I am looking in the archives.

Automatic archiving moves messages older than selected threshold to Archive folder stored locally and, of course, it preserves subfolders.

Does archiving remove the email from the main file and place it in a different one?

One of the things I really like about eMClient is that a search will actually search all folders and subfolders, so if I’m looking for a specific email, it really doesn’t seem to matter where it is stored. However, I’m a bit different from David; I don’t sort as mail arrives, I tend to just leave everything in the inbox, and search as I want to. I look after eight email accounts, and sometimes I find people replying to one account rather than another, so I need to leave almost everything in plain view in the inboxes. However, this does increase the size of the mail_data.dat file; mine is currently around 10GB. So my question is, would archiving older mail reduce the size of that file (along with its tendency to fragment and the resulting increase in opening time), or does it still get stored in the same file?

Thanks for a great product - hope it stays that way for v5 !!!

I would much rather see the archive be able to use the Google archive. I use Google Apps for business, so that would be much better for me and my staff.

I’m the same - I don’t want to try Archiving if I don’t know what’s going to happen. By “Archive Folder”, is this a file folder in windows, or a local folder within eM? Can archiving be enabled for individual mail folders or only for the whole account? It appears to be all or nothing in the Settings.

It doesn’t appear to be documented, but when I have a message in the gmail inbox selected, there is an “Archive” selection available on the Actions menu. Selecting this appears to remove the message from the inbox but leave it in All Mail, which is the gmail archive process. So maybe there are two different uses of the term Archive within eM.

Archive folder is stored in the eM Client database like any other data.
Archiving cannot be enabled for individual folders - I am sorry.

When you have selected a Gmail folder new “Archive” button appears in the menu. This button corresponds to Gmail Archive function.

The automatic archiving function may be used for all accounts you have set.

Excellent. I will give it a try. This is analogous to how I managed email in Outlook in the past. Archive out a year’s worth of mail to a separate pst file, but the email is still available within the mail client. Thanks.

So, are archived messages still searchable? Where does the archived folder hierarchy show?

Yes, they remains searchable. The Archive folder is shown in the left pane under your root mail account folders.