Better Support for Zimbra

Better support for Zimbra
So far its working well with zimbra, however 2 things are really needed.

  1. getting server saved signatures and their properties (like answer with that signature and that personality)
  2. tags
  3. personalitys - different sender email adresses with one mailaccount

most if settings in zimbra are processed by the server anyway so it does not hurt to much to make em over the zimbra UI (like mailfilter, sharing and so on) and i understand that you can provide full native support for zimbra atm

but you may wanna think about because zimbra tosses its zimbradesktop into EOL

btw - a free busy button would be nice, always open an calendar entry and set it to a new state is a bit anonying

Tags would be a big component that would be nice to include! Zimbra does it in a non-standard way, but putting in some way to sync those into EM would be very nice.

We plan to implement in one of the next updates.

now tags will sync from Zimbra to emclient?