Better Alias Integration


For IMAP accounts, we can create Aliases, but we can set only email address of aliases. It will be important to have the possibility to set the Sender Name for aliases.

Can you include this improvement in next version ?

please consider this feature for Version 6.
It was promised 8 months ago here:…
But it is still not solved :frowning:

I just read in another topic ("Empty trash on exit ") that the final version 6 might be released this week. Please add the sender name for aliases in this final version 6.
Or at least, use the same sender name for the aliases.
But no name at all looks really bad. :frowning:
Really hope to see this fixed for final version 6.
At least the same name for all aliases should be easy to implement.

Hi, do you mean this topic?…

I have wrote there that it is still planned.


Yes, thanks for the update! Hope to see it soon as it should be easy to fix.

in programming nothing is as easy as it seems, usually solution to one issue cause problems with another.

anyway it is planned, but I don’t know exact time.


Any news on that issue? Bought a Pro license recently. Should I now report issues in PRO support or continue to report them here?

Hi, it’s not an issue, but the feature has not been implemented yet, although we’re considering improving this for future releases, it might still take some time until it will be done so.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul.
I understand that implementing different names for different alias addresses might be more complex, but I guess that most people use their gmail account to collect all other email accounts with POP3. So basically, it would only be necessary to be able to use at least the same name for all alias addresses. Currently, the alias addresses are shown without any sender’s name at all. Can you at least allow the same name for all addresses?? That is not really a new feature, rather a fix for the broken email alias support.
And it has been broken for 2 years now.

Hi if you have the aliases assigned to your account in Tools > Accounts > Your Account, any email sent out from the alias should be showing the same user information as the original account (e.g. if you fill out the Name in User Information, an email sent out from that alias should be assigned with that name).

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
unfortunately, that is not the case. My gmail account is pulling emails via POP3 from another email-address. I also setup Gmail in the web-interface to send emails via the other SMTP for that particular address. However, if I use this address in eM Client in the alias list, the recipient receives only the email address as sender, without my name.
Thank you,

Hi, so you have the alias setup in Tools > Accounts, is it assigned to your email account? If not do, so then it should be sent out with the account’s name.

Or you can setup the account in eM client and turn off incoming protocol and just use the SMTP protocol, for sending out email from this address.


Yes, I did the setup in eM Client properly, but it is not working. I will try your other suggestion with the SMTP-only setup.
Thanks for the fast reply!

Wow, RIDICULOUS response from the company here.
A) It is an issue, not a feature request. It’s broken right now – no display name at all.

B) Paul, did you try it and does it work? It doesn’t work for Ruediger and it doesn’t work for me, and it apparently doesn’t work for MaT75.

C) Nice how the company didn’t respond at all after Ruediger’s post in May.

Sad that’s it’s been over 2 years (at least) and this hasn’t been fixed.

I’m looking for a replacement for Outlook Express that doesn’t suck, and this was looking promising, especially since it appeared to support aliases…until I realized it’s broken because it doesn’t include a display name.

It also badly needs to support selecting multiple folders to move into another folder.

Hi again, you’re right there is an issue with the Display name setup on Gmail, the display name setup in the settings is ignored. I believe I have mentioned this under another topic of yours, but the issue is on our todo list for future releases, so you should be able to setup different display names in eM Client just as easy as in Gmail.

Thank you for reporting this,

It has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with gmail. YOUR software, eM Client, does not include the display name when sending from an alias address.

Thank you for your constructive criticism just as I noted several times, we’re working on improving Aliases in future releases. And once again, note display names for aliases are working for many IMAP servers, it is not a general issue for all servers and the issue is only with some accounts (for example Gmail).

Thank you for understanding,