Beste René, 1. kan ik jouw vertaling raadplegen, zo ja, waar? 2. hoe zet ik een afzender op de witte lijst ?

A while list for what purpose?

to ‘stress’, that mails from a wanted contact don’t belong in the box únwanted’!

we talk about white , not while ! Sorry

Yeah, white not while. Spelling mistake, sorry. :wink:

eM Client doesn’t operate on a whitelist basis because all messages will be in the Inbox by default. If there are senders who you don’t want in the Inbox, you can use a blacklist to remove them.

But if messages from a wanted contact are going to the Junk E-mail folder, then that is being done by your email provider. You will need to change the setting using their web interface as this is not being done in eM Client. (Hotmail) is one of the worst for that. It seems that sometimes every email will go to the Junk folder unless you add the sender to a safe sender’s list.