Best web mail to use with em client?

I’m evaluating em Client at the moment, and looking for advice!

I currently use BT internet (i.e. Yahoo) for emails, and want to change this.  I like em client, but as far as I can see I also need a web-based email option to link to it if I’m to be able to read emails from any other computer/tablet/android etc.  (?)  My business email is POP3.

So what do people find works best with em client?  I have gmail but don’t like it, so am looking at, Thunderbird and others. 

I run a small business, so don’t mind paying for web mail if necessary - although if I stay with em client I will end up paying for the Pro version anyway, so don’t want to make it too expensive!

Any advice on this will be gratefully accepted, it’s all a bit confusing at the moment!


One thing you will need to change is using POP3 because that stores your messages on a computer. If you want to also use web mail, then you want to use IMAP or Exchange in eM Client so that your messages are stored on the server and can be accessed by both the desktop client and the web mail interface. And your phone. is a fairly good option. The web interface is quite nice, and you can configure the service in eM Client as either IMAP (default) or Exchange.