Best Mail Client EVER!!

Best Mail Client EVER!! I’ve used Thunderbird, Outlook, and many more and wow!! Speechless how amazing this application is! Thank You! Thank You! Keep updating as much as possible. Squish the bugs!

I’ve start using eM Client more than year ago. After The Bat! I used many years bring eM Client fresh air in my computer. I love the feature to group emails and attachments from any contact in the sidebar.

After getting frustrated with past email clients such as Incredimail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc, I was in the market for a new, flexible, no nonsense email client. So I did my research and came up with EMClient. I did their free trial and was convinced that this definitely was the one to go with. What I like most is the fact that it synchronizes your contacts with your online copy and there are so many options to configure the client to your specific tastes. Yep it’s a keeper!

I have to say when I switched to eM Cliant it is the best decision I have made as I was having lots of problems with other E-mail cliants like Thuderbird and outlook. so eM cliant has made easy to use for all my email accounts in one place. I love the way I can do what i need to do. I also like the way i can add a contact details from a single email and adding attachments are really easy so if i want to sent a photo to friends and family i can do tihs without any worries.

I tested several email clients such as Thunderbird, IncrediMail. eM Client is the best email client on Windows Platform. It integrates with Google Services(Google Tasks, Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Calendar) perfectly. I hope eM Client can support more languages in the future.

Started looking for an email client after Thunderbird was no longer being supported and found eMClient. I’m really enjoying this program. Works better than Outlook!

I’ve been through several email clients. I look for simplicity of use as well as functionality. I also want one that’s easy to back up without having to grab files from all over your computer. EM Clients fits everything. Anytime I’ve had an issue or suggestion, the team has responded to me. How can you beat a great product that also has great support.

I have tried many email clients and always found something, or many things, that left me unsatisfied. With eM Client, that dissatisfaction does not exist. I manage multiple Google accounts and the seamless access to my mail, calendar, tasks, and contacts is amazing. The user interface is crisp and a refreshing difference from every other client. eM Client proves the desktop mail and PIM client is far from dead and gives a fantastic alternative to Outlook!

I had been searching for an Email client that was good for Windows for a long time. Outlook sucked… Thunderbird sucked… everything sucked… I was going crazy! Nobody implemented IMAP correctly!

One day, not too long in the past, I decided to google it again. I ran across eM Client. I downloaded, installed, set it up in a snap, and I LOVE IT! I’ve told my friends about it! It is the best Email client for Windows hands down.

Then, as I discovered other features, I just loved it more. Gmail support for Email and Calendar! Caldav and CardDAV support. This product is just awesome!

thank you so much for someone FINALLY writing an Email client that is great!

Microsoft, Mozilla… you should be looking at eM Client and wondering to yourself “where did I go wrong?”

eM Client-way better than outlook, way better than Thunderbird, way better than anything I’ve tried for the past ten years. It’s just the best. Enough said.

I also know many e-mail clients - in Windows and Linux. eM Client ist not just a simple e-mail-client - no it is a PIM. And exactly that’s what makes eM Client unique. The best known PIM is MS Outlook - which is a great product when using an Exchange Server. Using Outlook at home only makes sense when you want to run as central client data space. Nowadays I want to save my data on servers to be able to access it anywhere - and there Oulook is limited. That is where eM Client really shows its advantages. It is a good e-mail-program but a much better PIM, being able to communicate with different serves (Zimbra, GMail, etc.), making on- / offline usage available, manage your contacts, etc. And the very best bonus is that eM Client is able to handle a lot of different formats to import data (e.g. from PST-files, The Bat-files, and so on.)

When you want more than just mails then I can recommend eM client - and I am sure you will be satisfied.

One negative point I want to mention anyway: if you use the free version you are only able to create two accounts. This is okay when using GMail as server - as with one connection you get all features (mails, calendar and contacts and even chat). But if you use e.g. Zimbra as a server you need to create one account per function…

So, in my eyes, please rethink the license model for private usage. Remove some limitations.

As feature request I can mention: automatic synchronisation between accounts (e.g. sync contacts between GMail and Zimbra, Auto-Archiving of folders when a special age of the messages is reached, Virtual Folders, Search-Folders, Attachment preview, …)

I’ve used a lot of email clients in my time, including MS Outlook. I’ve also deployed large email platforms by Openwave Systems for large telcos so I’ve been aroound messaging for a while.
I having been trying various clients for years to access my private email and calendar including Zimbra, Thunderbird, EverDesk etc. But eM Client is by far the best one yet. It is easy to sue and set up and is just what customers need.
You just need to port it to MAC.

I have looked a long time for a replacement of Outlook and Thunderbird. A few days ago I found it! eM Client!! At last a Desktop E-mail Client which doesn’t need all kinds of synchronization tools. It is really fast and synchronizes perfectly with my Gmail accounts. I only had to enter my username and password and severall seconds later all my contacts, e-mail, calendars and chatcontacts were there! eM Client was just what I needed! I informed all of my friends and reviewed it on my personal Dutch freeware blog: http://freewaretoolsandtricks.blogspo…. Thank you very much for making a great piece of Software!!!

Move over Outlook and Thunderbird, eM client is cleaning things up! One of the primary reasons, I chose eM client is it’s ability to sync with GMail (contacts, mail & calender) without installing add ons. Setting up all my e-mail accounts was a breeze. The side reading pains are awesome and over all the UI is easy to understand and use.

Thanks for the awesome product and simplifying my busy inbox!

I’m very happy to have found it. Outlook (or windows live mail) are useless because it doesn’t tell you WHAT IT’S DOING. I want to always know what’s going on!! I want status bar indicators AND popup windows (that i can manage).

Thunderbird development is being halted:…

and their support is USELESS. I dare you to try and post a bug and see where that gets you.

Postbox is just a paid version of Thunderbird that STILL doesn’t offer tech support beyond useless “community” support.

Also, thunderbird for some reason thinks you want it to take up a taskbar window, and has NO GOOD minimize to tray extensions. This program does it right. It just works. Even WLM failed at this.

This program tells you what it’s doing, allows you the ability to customize things, has paid support, has free support, and just plain rocks.

I’m sold. I’ve been using it for all of one day.

Haven’t been using it long, but it beats Thunderbird (and anything else) on Gmail integration. Considering moving my parents to it from Vista’s Windows Mail due to its ease of use. My only wish is to have message age added to the rules wizard.

I came across eM Client while looking for an IMAP solution. I tried a few of the others (Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat, Postbox, to name a few.

I’m incredibly impressed at the speed of the folder sync, especially on our slow internet connection.

The interface looks beautiful and can be customised to my requirements. There’s so many options and the ability to sync my Google account.

I can’t recommend eM Client highly enough. Quite simply, it has revolutionised the way I handle my email and organise my life.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

I just started using eM Client and I believe I have finally found my Outlook replacement! Easy sync with Gmail accounts & flawless IMAP syncing with my business email addresses!

Especially like the speed of the IMAP syncing - Outlook would hang forever, but not eM Client.

eM Client isn’t just a mail client; it’s a resourceful communication platform. Its native synchronization features and instant messaging resources make communication easier and keep our personal information at hand - no need for plugins or additional programs.

I’ve started to recommend Em Client to my tech-support customers who have been stuck on ancient Outlook for far too long. It has solved a number of problems for me. I’m drawn to how customizable it is, and certainly think it is worth the asking price. Keep up the great work.