Behavior change in latest MAC version - reply to places cursor in body or email address section of original message

A few weeks ago I upgraded to the latest version of emClient for Mac when it suggested an update. I am currently on version 7.2.37965.0.

When I did the upgrade and with new versions since, the behavior when I hit “reply” or “reply all” has changed. emClient will open a new message window for me to type the reply but it is locating the cursor to start typing in the email address section of the original message. Generally it has someone’s name highlighted such that when I start typing that name is erased and my new text goes in its place.
This is driving me bonkers! Every time I reply to a message now I am having to stop and grab the mouse to click at the top of the message window where I want my new text to go.

I had never seen this behavior before a few weeks ago when I performed the update, so this is a new change.

Anyone else see this? I cannot say that it happens 100% of the time, but 70-80% at least. My usage of the program didn’t change as best I can tell.


An immediate solution may be to uninstall eM Client, then download the previous version from the Release History.

For Mac versions that is