Because the server account is in off-line mode, it cannot access the server rules

Following the menu on the menu bar → “menu” → “Rule”,
when the window of “rules” is opened, an error message appears, saying “Because the selected account is in off-line mode, the application cannot get the server rules, or change them.” Then, cliked on the “ok” button to make the window disappear, and in the window of “rules” are no rules, which I made before.
Due to this problem, I cannot run any of the rules for my received emails.

I use gmail accounts. How can I make the rules list appear in this window, and use any of them to the existing “receive” folder automatically as well as manually?

To check if eM Client is offline, click “Menu / File / Work offline”. If it’s checked then click it and close and re-open eM Client.

When you are online, go to “Menu / Rules” and at the top of the window there is a “drop-down menu” where you can select either Local or Your Cloud account server rules such as your Gmail.

If eM Client still is in offline mode, it can also be because “it’s not registered / activated” and has deactivated. So click “Menu / Help / License” and see if you have your License in there and activated.

There are two types of Rules in eM Client; Local Rules and Server Rules.

Server Rules are on the server and will run regardless of whether eM Client (or any other application) is running. If eM Client is offline, or you are not connected to the Internet for some other reason, the Rules on the server are still running. You can’t apply these manually when you are not connected to the server.

Local Rules exist only in eM Client and run automatically when new messages are received. Obviously you need to be online for that to happen, but you can apply these manually even when offline.

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Nothing works following your advice.