Be warned: If you make any changes in a recurring event, all past modifications will be lost

If you make any changes in a recurring event, the program (Pro version) will reset all events in the series, including the past events so you will loose any past modifications of individual events in this series. Even if you terminate the recurring event today in order to create a new event, it will still reset past events so there is no workaround.

I have learned this in a hard way having billed my clients for cancelled sessions and had to spent a lot of time manually recovering my session schedule from manual notes and emails. I have reported this problem to support, they are aware of this but are not sure when it will be fixed, possibly in version 7.

Hi, I’m sorry this feature has caused any trouble, however this is an intended behavior in I believe you would find the same behavior in other calendar clients as well. This unfortunately due to the two options you have available after creating a recurring events, edit occurrence and edit series. If you edit the series and make any changes, eM Client can’t tell if the recurrence/scheduling rule was created, that’s why all the events are set again according to the recurrence.

However this has been reported to us few times and we’re considering making some improvements to this feature.

I hope you can manage to use the current settings and that it won’t cause any future problems.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks for your reply. I think you are missing an important point here. I’ll describe the situation:

  1. I have a recurring event without end, every Monday at 10am, 3h long.
  2. I have made many changes in the past events individually.
  3. I need to change future events to 11am, but preserve past modifications.
  4. I can’t just change the time since it will reset all past events to 11am.
  5. Then I create a new repeating event starting today and set it to Mondays at 11am.
  6. Now I need to end the old event as of today, but if I do it, it will still reset all past events to 10am.


So I cannot edit the event, since past changes are vital for my work, I cannot delete it, so the only option is to create a new event, but I’ll have OVERLAPPING events at 10am and 11am (3 hours long each), of which 10am event is not necessary. Am I missing something here? Don’t you agree that this situation is very absurd, so how it can be an intended behavior.

Hi again, sorry for my belated reply,
the reason is simple, if you create a recurring event and adjust it’s occurrences you can adjust the time and delete any number of occurrences you want without changing the recurrence rule.

You can also adjust all the information except the recurrence rule without resetting the series, it’s just when you edit the recurrence rule, the rule is reset, just as I noted above this is because there’s no way of determining if you want to reset the rule or not, you’re editing the series, which contain all the occurrences, if you edit the rule, the rule will be applied to all. This is an intended behavior unfortunately.

If you’d like to see improvements, maybe you can start an idea topic here on the forum and let other users vote for the feature/improvement. And if the user feedback is sufficient, we’ll be happy to consider making improvements.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul, thank you for the reply. However, I don’t think you are reading my post thoroughly. Please read and simulate the situation I’m describing in my previous email and then tell me if it seems reasonable to you.

Or maybe you could do a little research and take a look at Google Calendar options (or Zoho Calendar, etc). In Google calendar, when you change a recurring event, it will ask you if you want to apply to all events or ONLY FOLLOWING events. It perfectly makes sense and solves all problems I’m raising here. EmClient Calendar is not usable for recurring events in its current condition. I’m not using Google Calendar for different reasons, and hoping that this issue can be resolved here.

Maybe I’ll post a separate post as you suggested when I get some time.

Hi again, you’re right there’s a missing feature to edit selected events, however the option if you want to apply changes to the occurrence or the series is there, allowing you to edit the occurrences separately. I’m sorry you’re having trouble using the current setup, what you’re describing can be considered as a feature request for future releases of eM Client. However we believe this is not an issue.

Thank you for understanding,

How is it not an issue when I’m stuck with two overlapping recurring events, and I cannot do anything, except for deleting one event and losing whole history. OK, I give up.

Not really sure what is the issue here, you can simply adjust the time for the overlapping occurrences, I understand it’s more complicated than adjusting all the overlapping occurrences at once, but it’s possible.
There’s no option to adjust this one at the moment, but it can only be considered for a feature request at the moment.

Thank you for understanding,