bcc: problems - it doesn't work

recently it often happens that when I add a bcc address, my email arrives only to  the “official” receivers but the bcc receiver does not receive it

When you view the email in Sent folder, do you see the BCC recipients listed?

yes, absolutely! but the email does not arrive to the BCC recipient

Which email provider do you use?


I was not able to recreate this. I sent test messages using Yahoo and the BCC recipients received their emails.

What version of eM Client are you using?

versione 7.1.31849.0

There is a workaround if you cannot get BCC working, and that is to send the email using the mass mail feature. To do that you add all the recipients in the To field, and then select Send as mass mail. That creates an individual email for each recipient, and has other benefits like personalizing each email. Not as clean, but at least all the recipients won’t be seen by each other.

Otherwise I don’t know what to suggest, Stefania, as I was not able to reproduce it.

Maybe others using Yahoo can test it and give some comments.

ok, Gary… it’s really a strange thing… thank you anyway for all your care and support… you’ve been very professional.

have a good day!