BCC Emails not showing in Inbox after sending

I have a number of Gmail Accounts. All work fine, except that when I set up an account to BCC to the same account (so I have a record) on sending, it does not happen.
I can’t see it anywhere. I can see the original email I sent in Sent Items, but the BCC is not in my Inbox…

Anyone any idea what is causing this - and is it something I’m doing wrong?
I’ve been a user since V7 and have only noticed this recently with V9.

This would normally either mean you might have possibly a rule or filter setup in either your online Gmail account or in your local rules in eM Client. Or it might have gone to Spam or another folder.

So first check in your Gmail account online Incase you have accidentally setup a filter or rule to block BCC’s sent to your own email address from your own email address.

If no filters or rules setup online, go to “Menu / Rules” in eM Client and look for any rules setup in there. If you see a blacklist rule, dbl-click it to see what’s inside there. Also if you have eM Client V9.x you can click the drop-down menu along the top in rules and you can select your Gmail rules without even going online.

Also check in “All Mail” and the “Spam / Junk folder” under your Gmail account in eM Client and in Gmail online to see if the BCC sent to yourself is in there.

Now if there are no filters or rules setup anywhere and nothing in All Mail or Spam, then I would contact Google directly as could be some problem with your specific Gmail account that has just changed.

Try also for a test “create an email online” in your Gmail account and send it to one of your other email addresses and also BCC that to your own Gmail address and see if you get that online.