Bayesian SPAM Filtering

Hi – the interface for eM Client is very nice; however, the real missing feature is a lack of bayesian SPAM filtering. Domain blacklisting is a losing battle, and its quite odd not to have modern filtering present in a major client as others such as Thunderbird have supported learning SPAM filters for many, many years.

It’s true - eM Client has no real spam filtering. There were free mail clients that had truly effective filters 20 years ago. In the meantime (assuming they’ll fix this glaring oversight someday), I have had some success (POP accounts) using this free application:
It’s far from perfect, but it works for the most part, and it’s free. Other more effective applications like Mailwasher are pretty costly (subscription model).

Spamihilator does not support eMClient

I’ve been using Spamihilator successfully with eM Client since November 2013.

Tell me how. I installed Spamihilator and uninstalled. I did not understand how to (after reading documentation).
I indicated Imap port and had message it’s already used…

I’m afraid I have only used it with multiple POP accounts. I have three, and two IMAP accounts, but I don’t require filtering on those because they get minor use.

:frowning: I have only Imap accounts and would like to kill spams for one of them. Anyway, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Hi, eM Client unfortunately does not have a SPAM filter, as the application would have to remain running to filter all your incoming emails.
If you’d close your computer and opened email on another device (i.e. your mobile phone, or tablet), you would not be able to see newly received junk filtered as the application would not be connected to your email server to filter this message.

SPAM filters are usually a server side feature, using a spam filter on your mail server allows you to filter all your email immediately after being received on the server.

Thank you for understanding,

There is a forum (which isn’t especially helpful) and a knowledge base, which may be a little more so. I think it’s IMAP-capable, but I agree that the documentation is very weak.

So…I’ll continue to delete everyday all mails going into eMClient directory “junk mails” :smiley:

eM Client is the ONLY mail application I’ve ever used that doesn’t have any effective spam filtering function. It appears to be eM Client’s chosen strategy to try to rationalize anything the application fails at by saying that although nearly every other application in the world accomplishes it with ease, they are wrong. (Viz: failure to render mail from Apple mail clients properly.) Yes, that’s right, Apple is doing things all wrong.

In my case, I need to download all mail to at least one device because a lot of my mail is in an Asian language and gets purged as spam because of that. Imposing filtering at the server level takes it one step further out of my hands and is inconvenient. Speaking of inconvenience, I actually run a secondary mail client, a 15 year old version of Eudora (the Qualcomm model) because it has a super-fast and accurate spam multifilter built into it. That is also inconvenient, but it helps me manage the junk and ensures that I don’t lose important mail. Whereas imposing filtering at the server level increases those chances.

Hi again, you should also be able to setup to automatically empty your junk mail folder on your server, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the size of the folder on your server.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul. Unfortunately I cannot, because spams arrive from my site’s contact page and sometimes it’s not a spam.

Hi again, you should be able to setup a rule to empty the junk folder automatically after X days, so you have some time to check if e-mail was sorted correctly. However it’s just a suggestion.


I did not find “automatically after X days”. Of course, I cannot really test because today I did not received these spams!. They all come from yourmail [AT]

Hi again France, it might not be available, it’s not on all existing email servers, however the most common ones, e.g. Gmail should support this feature.


Thanks again Paul. It’s more complicated. My contact mails arrive through my site’s host. Don’t loose your time with my little problem. Its’not such a big problem :slight_smile:

I’ve given up with Spamihilator on IMAP - worked great when I was using POP, but it’s not really working. It worked on IMAP when I was testing it, but when you work with higher email volumes, it starts to hang and refuse to sync. You can clear this problem, but its not really a solution, for me anyway. Too unreliable with IMAP. It’s a shame

I’d love to know how to use Eudora (the Qualcomm model (or any other)) on my Dell Inspiron 15-5559 running Windows 10.  I loved Eudora.

I am running it under Windows 10. I installed it under Windows 8 some time back, but Windows 10 also has a Program Compatibility Mode. I believe you have to install it, right click the executable file, choose properties, and find “compatibility”. It runs clumsily, but almost all the functions work naturally.

I love Eudora too. It can’t handle foreign languages (much of my mail is Japanese), and can’t handle the formatting of a lot of contemporary mail. But it still does many things beautifully. For example, since we’re on the subject of spam, I download my mail through Eudora first thing in the morning, because the built-in spam filtering still works. After winnowing away most of my spam I can begin using eM Client.

Good luck!