Base64-encoded thumbnail for theme

I’ve done a pretty good job with a DarkPurpleTheme and will post it when it’s ready, but I can’t figure out how to get a thumbnail embedded. The theme appears in the Menu/Tools/Settings/Appearance/Themes list with just a big question mark for a thumbnail. I converted a PNG to Base64 online, and inserted the code exactly as scar45 did in DarkFrost v. 1.0 (and tried many variations, of course) but it just won’t work. Any help much appreciated.

Okay, got it: had to close and restart eM to see the thumbnail. (I think–brain starts to blur after a while.)
Anyway, it’s a dark theme with lots of purples and no pure whites, and some pinks to make it sexy. Get it at:

Just right-click and choose “Save link as…”; get it into your

[drive letter]:\Program Files (x86)\Em Client\themes

directory and it should fly.

Let me know if you like it (my ego needs it!)

Hi Leslie.

I am a great fan of the default Modern Theme, maybe just because that is what I see everyday and it has grown on me.

But I had a look at your Theme, and it is very nice. I think the introduction of the purples and pinks does give it something extra, especially where the background is that nice dark purple. You never get true black on a monitor anyway, so why use it.

Only one criticism, and I hope your ego does not deflate too much over it, the Agenda Sidebar still has the dark grey background from the Dark Theme.

Thanks for the critique…especially the leftover from the Dark Theme. I _knew_ I’d overlooked something. I never do much with the agenda so didn’t even notice.
I agree about the black; my desktop monitors have dark purple for backgrounds because the “black” is so drab.

Hello, could explain how did you make the encoded thumbmail?

Courtesy of Shanna:

You can add a thumbnail to a theme by taking a screenshot, using the top left portion, and reducing it to 80x80. Save it as a 24-bit PNG. Run it through, then encode it as base 64 data using this link

Then take only the data portion (after the comma) and put it into the

base64 data here

tag at the bottom of the theme file.

This is quoted from

Hello Gary, thanks you very much. Now I have my dark bleue theme.