Baikal CardDav Problem

I ́m trying to connect em Client with my local Baikal CardDav Server with no luck.

Here is my config: http://mybaikalserveripaddress:port/
username: myusername (not email)
password: my password.

If I try:
Here is my config: http://mybaikalserveripaddress:port/card.php/
username: myusername (not email)
password: my password.

It does not work either.

Can somebody give me a hand on this please?

Hello, not quite sure what you’re referring to, if you’re using a local CalDAV / CardDAV server on your computer it’s important to setup the server address properly based on your local settings, I’m unfortunately unable to recommend adjustments as we’re not sure about your setup.

Are you seeing any errors when you try to setup the server, or does the application setup the account without showing any items? If the account doesn’t display this would most likely suggest the server (service) address is not setup properly.


When I setup the account I get a few error on eM Client and the account show no items. I’ve just sent and email from to with the logfiles. Please help me through the process.

It’s seems a similar problem then this:

You replyed that you worked on baikal + em Client sync problems by that time.