Baffled creating shared CalDav Calendar

I’m hosted by inmotionhosting. Using a Horde calendar. and trying to sync with emclient through caldav. I have my cpanel caldav calendar server and full calendar address. The instructions are to use my cpanel password and my normal email address.

Then I created an emclient account for shared calendar and entered the appropriate credentials. I can refresh that account, but nothing happens. Also no error. I cannot figure out how to create a calendar in emclient that is not in the local folder which I don’t think will work. Creating a new calendar ends up being local.

I am at a total loss.

You add a CalDAV by going to Menu > Accounts then adding an account.

Scroll down to Calendars and select CalDAV.

If the CalDAV URI is not correct, then the calendar will not be displayed in eM Client, and there will be no error.

I did what you suggested and setup a calendar using Horde at my webhost. Then got sync info from cpanel. I got calendar settings for:

  1. Server URL using ssl/tls
  2. Full calendar url using ssl/tls
  3. non-ssl server URL
  4. full calendar url non SSL settings.

I’ve inserted all four of them in caldav/ cardDav ulr address in the new account. Then I press Refresh and get a message that says “there are no operations in progress” and no calendar appears.

Any ideas?

If the CalDAV URI is not correct, then the calendar will not be displayed in eM Client.

Yes. We have established that. I presented 4 different URLs that I tried which were given to me by Cpanel. None worked. Can you think of something which emclient does which would cause a problem, or do you know of an issue between cpanel, Horde, and emclient. Or does emclient use the same link process as Thunderbird or Outlook so if I could get directions for those it would work for emclient?

There is not a lot an end user can do other than get the URLS from the provider, try them all, and report a failure. Telling me, they are wrong does not move us forward.

If the CalDAV URI is not correct, then the calendar will not be displayed in eM Client. That means that if the calendar is not displayed in eM Client, you have an incorrect URI.

Don’t know how else to say that except, you don’t have the correct URI.

Yes. Clearly I’ve done something wrong. What I did was setup a Horde calendar put something in it so I know it is real and is stored. Then got the URLs from cpanel. Those URLs don’t work.

Do you have any instructions or links that show how to use a cpanel calendar, either Roundcube or Horde with emclient?

Update: I submitted a ticket to my hosting service, and they got back to me. Though the Horde version I used supports CalDav, the cpanel version on my server does not. So, the links that cpanel sent to me don’t work. Something to be aware of.

So, if I’d like to sync a calendar with my android tablet and windows computer, and do not feel comfortable using Google or Microsoft calendar services, what are my options?

I’m thinking Caldav and some email service that supports Caldav, like which seems very good. Is CalDav the right choice? Anyone have experience with calendaring with Runbot?


CalDAV is reliable. The issue is that it doesn’t sync with Android, without a utility app to do that for you. Or has that changed recently?

Obviously Google Calendar will work especially as Android = Google. Both eM Client and Android sync Google calendars natively.

Thanks Gary. I hadn’t even considered that possibility. However, there is an Android Calendar app (One Calendar) that seems to be very popular and handles caldav.

So, if I want to do it, I need a mail service with CalDav support to setup my calendar, then it’ll sync with emClient. Then install One Calendar on the Android device and sync it with the CalDav Calendar and I should be good to go.

I’ll report back if I actually do it.

As for the Android portion of this challenge, I have found that OpenSync will resolve that (CalDAV and CardDAV). Still iffy on em Client though (I can’t seem to consistently send invitations / confirmations.