Bad UI change with alias email in emClient9


I am using alias for my e-mail account. Writing a mail in emClient8 all aliases are listed in one list beside the send button. In emClient9 my aliases is hidden in a submenu. This submenu is also only reachable, if you naviagte tricky with your mouse (not clicking). This always takes me time and breaks my flow.

Can you please bring the old behaviour back or at least make it configurable?

It’s a small thing with a huge effect for me.


Can you screenshot the problem you are having.

Thank you very much for asking.

This is the way it is shown in emClient 9:

In emClient 8 it was something like this:

As I don’t have so much identities, for me it was much easier the way of emClient8.


It is solved within 9.1

So great! Thanks a lot!

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