Bad connectivity manager

My initial sentiment after installing em Client was very positive, but I turned around quickly.  Regrettably, em Client isn’t a working email client solution.
Moving your profile folders is a pain (but doable).  What made me go back to Thunderbird however is the fact that I already had to put back a backup twice after em Client corrupted its own database mail files.
Never have I seen an email client which can’t handle the PC being rebooted after a Windows patch or the PC coming out of sleep (didn’t even try hibernation).  When coming out of sleep it will nag about losing connections and what not, most of the time.  But completely crashing and losing your files twice in about 3 months isn’t a good solution.
I may try again next year hoping for some maturity in the product.

Hello Dominik, thank you for your constructive criticism, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this issue, I’m restarting my computer daily and never had a database corruption issue, if you’ve come across this issue or any errors were thrown, let us know and share more details about the occurrence - maybe we can help.