Backup with version 7.2.36694.0 slowing down my computer to the extent that it becomes unusable

I was receiving critical notifications from Google saying “Someone just used your password to try to sign in to your account from a non-Google app.” I suspected this may have been caused by Em Client.

I found that version 7.2.36694.0 supposedly addressed this OAuth issue so I tried to update to this version, which I understand is the latest version available. I tried to update within Em Client, but received a message along the lines that there was no update or that I had the latest version. I didn’t. I actually had an older version. Consequently, I did a manual update. After doing so, I couldn’t see message bodies in the viewing pane. I could only see subject headings. I read on this site that I could do a repair so I tried that. I understood that this was a complex process which would delete my message files or something along those lines, but in fact it took a few seconds and the message bodies appeared.

However, since doing that, backups have been taking many hours to complete and have been slowing down my computer to the extent that it becomes unusable, often freezing up. Even synchronization of folders frequently causes hesitation.

I am contemplating deleting the program and all of it’s related files and then reinstalling and downloading everything all over again, hoping that a fresh installation will solve this issue, but before doing so and ending up back in the same place, I thought I woudl seek some input from the community.

If it’s relevant, I am running Windows 8.1 and I have two email accounts. I am using the free version of Em Client. My database in one account, according to Gmail is 19.13 GB and the other is 14.4 GB.

Yes, 7.2.36694 has a few issues.

Just uninstall the application, choosing NOT to delete your database when asked. Then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History.

Thank you so much Gary. I can’t tell you what a relief this is; it’s been driving me crazy. I did what you advised and am now backing up just to see how it works. It seems to be going smoothly. It hasn’t thus far prevented me from doing other things on my computer so while it may take as long as it did before, that doesn’t matter.

I am having problems again with respect to backups and/or synchronizing folders slowing down and stalling any other activity on my computer, even though I reverted to version 7.2.35595. Maybe it’s the number of emails (in excess of 125,000) and the backup file size (11.4 GB). I changed the settings in windows task scheduler so that the backup process would only work when the computer is otherwise idle, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. I am wondering what the advantage of backups actually is? My two email addresses are Gmail accounts and I am using IMAP so the messages stay online as well as on my computer. I don’t have anything in local folders. Assuming I had a disaster where I needed to do a restore, rather than restoring from a backup, it strikes me that I could delete EM Client and the related files and just reinstall. It would take a while to get everything back on EM Client to where it was and I suppose I would lose the list of flagged emails, but I wouldn’t otherwise lose any emails or contacts, would I?

You’re right. When using IMAP, if you lose your computer, just setup your account on another one, and after the sync all the messages will be there. The same goes for your contacts and events as long as they are synced with an online provider.

Signatures, templates, Rules etc can be exported in a single small file (mine is under 30k), so no need for a whole 11GB just so your templates are safe.

Maybe you don’t need to do a backup very often. Certainly not every day, and maybe not even every week. Depends how much trust you have in your IMAP provider.