Backup splitting into more zip files


I am using emClient for more than five years now and I backup all emails older than three months automatically. The backup file is more 37G (the zip version) now. Then I use a google disk for backup the whole PC. Every time, when the new emails are added to the backup file, the whole 37G zip file has to be updated… Works fine, but it takes a long time. Usually it takes a few attempts, because I do not have PC open for hours.

I am wondering, is it possible to split backup in more files? For example back up by years, so I may use more smaller backup files with one “active” backup for current year.

Is there any trick how to set it up? Like create a special folder with emails and open it with emClient. Similar to .pst in outlook…

For sure, I can simply move the backup zip file and create the new one. However I will not have an access to all emails anymore.

Thanks for suggestions.

You could try the export email feature Menu > File > Export > export emails as .eml files
This would let you save the emails in a readable format with maintains the folder structure. Then you could zip it all together and/or upload it to a cloud storable for safekeeping. Then you could remove those old emails from eM client or your server and make your database smaller and therefore your frequent recent backups faster without losing access to anything.

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but it would work.