Backup old mails on remote drive

sorry to use the outlook analogy:
in outlook i would create a PST file on a NAS
create a e-mail folder within that NAS called “2023_mails”
copy all relevant mails into that folder
disconnect outlook from that folder
in case of need i’d can reconnect if that’s necessary.

how to i do that in EM-Client? the Archive or local folders are on the local machine
how do i create a folder on a NAS or elsewhere

You can copy the entire eM Client mail database hidden folder manually to a remote location or other drive for safe keeping on a regular basis, but you can’t manually open it to view contents like a .pst file.

Note: Make sure eM Client is closed before copying.

“Hidden mail database folder Windows”

“Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client”

“Hidden mail database folder Mac”

“Users\yourusername\Library\Application Support\eM Client”

Better option is to use the Automatic periodic backup or Manual Backup via “Menu / Backup” options in eM Client which create dated .zip files in your “Documents / Client” folder, where you can then copy those to remote locations for safe keeping whenever you want.

Both ways can then easily be restored if need be. Which ever way you restore them will then be exactly as it was at that time. Any new messages etc will update when eM Client then next connects.

The other option you can do is if you are wanting to eg: save space on your Mail server, you can use the “Auto Archive” feature in eM Client to move email older than X days to an Archive folder “below your account folders”.

Note: If you do use the Automatic Archive feature, male sure you regularly backup eM Client as those archives messages are only in eM Client.