Backup of mail (Network NAS)

Backup of mail over on a Nas (Network)

Why can only use local drivers, and not a nas, Network drivers.
i dont want to connect the driv, but only use the unc Network (\192.168.x.x\home\backup)

Local driver are not a backup site.


Have yo tried mapping the NAS drive on your local system (e.g., make it Z:)

Yes it Works… but not good, sometimes it not connect…

Sorry, I see in your message you don’t want to connect, I missed that.  My suggestion is to simply copy the following directory to you NAS;  c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.  You can do this in a batch file and schedule it in Windows.  Or use a 3rd party back-up program.

I am using UNC path and I have no problem.