Backup of emClient on a Windows 7 machine

I am helping a friend move from his 14 year old Sony Vaio running Windows 7 to a new W11 laptop.

He uses Windows Live Mail on the Vaio and I have successfully imported his emails into emClient. The Contacts failed but I have done that as a CSV file.

Now I need to get his emails from emClient on the Vaio to emClient on the W11 laptop and I tried the backup.

I plugged in an external drive, created a folder and ran backup from emClient but after 6 hours it had not offered me a location to save the backup to.

His Vaio is so slow. Everything takes 20 times longer.

The Vaio crashed and I have restarted it and am trying again but emClient is checking the database.

Is there a way I can just pull off the files needed to restore it to another laptop?



domingo 28 abril 2024 :: 1232hrs (UTC +0100)

It is possible/probable the reason you have a backup issue is because you are using an external drive particularly with an old slow machine, you should use the default which will be shown at:
Menu ->Settings ->General ->Backup

To move your eMC data etc to a new computer

The best way to move all your data etc is through: Backup & Restore.

Follow these steps:

On the old device:

1./ Create a backup: Menu ->Backup
2./ Deactivate the license on this device: Menu ->Help ->License
3./ Find the .ZIP backup file and move it to your new device (with a USB)
The default location is …\Documents\eM Client)

On your new device:

1./ Install eMC (
2./Move the ZIP backup file to: …\Documents\eM Client (create the eM Client folder if it is not there)
3./ Having installed eMC skip initial setup
4./ Restore from your backup through Menu ->File ->Restore
5./ This will transfer everything to mirror your previous installation
6./ Activate your license in Menu ->Help ->License

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Thank you for your speedy reply and on a Sunday.
I had missed the location of the backup file but having navigated there I can now two 0Kb incomplete files. One dated yesterday that ran for about 6 hours and one from today at about 1130. My question is will they remain at 0kb until completed or should I be seeing an increase in file size a it goes along? I know my backup is going to take a while as the import into WLM took many hours but surely the backup should not be as long? Steve

If the backup zip file has incomplete in the name, then there probably isn’t enough free disk space to create the file. That could be simply not enough space, or the disk is formatted at FAT so only supports up to 4GB files, and the backup requires more.

Please try the second option in the blog page link I gave you which describes how to copy the database folder directly.

Thank you Gary,

I have checked and the drive has 94Gb of free space and is NTFS

The machine is extremely slow but 40 minutes after starting the backup it still shows 0kb

If I refresh the window the date stamp does not change which implies it is not being written to

Is there a manual way of extracting what I need and putting them into a zip folder


Yes, the blog describes how to do this.

Thank you. I will try that however, if I now go and try to start the backup task again it tells me it is running.

Not sure what to do here


It completed. 9.45Gb

That is good. Thanks for all your help