Backup location


I am trying to change the location of my backups and when I go in to delete the current location it will not delete?
I go into Settings/Backup and highlight the current location showing but it will not delete?

How can I change the backup location?


@Richard Craftchick

You can’t delete this setting because it’s tied to the program.

The way it should be done (I think ,because I’ve done it) is:

  1. Close eM Client.
    2, Copy the backup folder to the new location.
  2. Check the Properties of the folder there and go to the Security tab.
        and check access.You should have full acces.
    4.Once you’re satisfied that you have access, open eM Client again.
    5.Go to Menu >Tools > Settings >General tab > Backup
       The target directory will still show the old location…
    6.Click on the 3 dots and it will take you there, but now you navigate to
        the new location and select that folder and click Apply.
  3. Once that is in place you can delete the folder in Your  Documents.

The reason I described Copying instead of Moving (which I did)  is out of  safety concerns.
I know my  system and to which locations I have access.
In case anything went wrong, you’d still have your original copy.

Below is a screenshot of an earlier test  setup.
There I added “Backup” to the folder name before I confirmed the location in eM Client.
Items 4, 5,6 and 7

( I:  is a Data drive in my computer -not an external USB drive.)
Any damage to the C: drive won’t affect my backups,
nor is it affected by a System Restore or similar.


Okay Peter…thank you! I will give that a try.

Thanks for the feedback.
It should go okay - with the steps I provided.