backup location not accessible

My father’s emclient had a database error and wouldn’t restart.  I installed the newest 7.2.34137.0 version.  I had 5 old backup files available.  Everything seems ok except I cannot take a new backup.  The setting for the backup location is C:\Users\Vince\Documents\em Client and the em client folder does exist. 
But I get this error when I attempt a backup:
Backup directory ‘C:\Users\Vince\Documents\em Client’ is not accessible, backup cannot start.  Please set the available location in the Settings dialog. 

I’ve tried pointing the backup location to a different folder and get similar results. 
Any advice?

@Jim OBryan

Hi, that’s actually an unusual situation.
Files and holders under your Profle and in your Documents are normally accessible.

Do you have any security or protection software running that blocks- or prevents- access
by programs ?

Check the Properties of the folder - Security tab and select the logged in User
and check permissions, You should have Full access.