BACKUP information

Is there a description someplace of exactly what “BACKUP” does ?

  1. Where is the backup folder/file placed? Do I have a choice?
  2. How is the Backup read or contents looked at?
  3. I hear the word Restore and that may/may not have some ugly connotations. All I want is to have some … shall we say Backup…capability in case the place burns I can go find my emails for the last year or two or from whenever I installed eMClient.
  4. I do not want embroiled in some “Restore” where all the emails the software finds in a Backup location get reloaded as if current and potentially losing some with no way to go back to “Unbackup.”
    A good tutorial on how Backup works would be nice.

As the name implies, it backs up your eM Client data. For settings, please see the Help File (F1)

Yes you have a choice. See Menu > Settings > General > Backup.

Backups are read by the application when you choose Menu > File > Restore. They have no other function and are of no use otherwise.

Yes, that is the purpose of a backup.

Usually when you restore from a backup, you will get whatever data is in the backup. eM Client backups are snapshots of the database so restoring one will return eM Client to that point when the snapshot was taken. If your data is synced with a server, like IMAP, CalDAV etc., then immediately after the restore, that data will be replaced by what is on the server. If you want to recover data that has been deleted from the server since the backup was made, you can disconnect the computer from the Internet before the restore. Do the restore then copy any data that was deleted from the server to Local Folders before reconnecting to the Internet.

You could try this video in the Tutorials section of the website:

It is really a very simple process.