Backup file too large for USB 32GB Stick

Backup zip file to C: is less than 6GB. USB stick has 32GB free. Backup fails as file size is too large for target device (Brand new 32GB USB Memory stick). Reason for trying is a new desktop PC purchased replacement. I have Windows 10 and kept Em client up-to-date. Also, Backup to C: works fine. How can I move the zip file to the USB stick?

The problem will be either of 3 things.

The partition on the usb stick could be inncorrect size and not really 32 GB free.

Or the USB stick is slightly corrupted and so has a write problem.

Or the USB port is not writing fast enough & fails.

So suggest to first repartition & reformat the stick APFS if its Mac or NTFS if its PC. Or format it Exfat.

If that still fails, try a different USB port as could just be a slow USB port problem that is not writing fast enough. Best to use USB3 ports as well.

Apart from that could be a faulty stick and you might need to get the stick replaced.

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Another possibility is that the USB device is formatted as FAT. That only supports a maximum file size of 4GB.

You would need to reformat the device as NTFS or exFAT.

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The USB sticks, bought 3, came formatted as Fat32. So, it turns out that the Fat32 filesystem with the 4GB limit was preventing me from copying my backup. I didn’t know that it was limited. Reformating to NTFS solved it and was then able to copy my 6GB zip backup successfully.

Thank you all!!

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