Backup File Name

Is it possible to have a fixed name for the backup file(s)? When the database backs-up at the moment, the file gets a unique name, which means it has to be copied in full to my off-site back-up location; if the file name remained the same each time, only the changes would need to be transferred off-site, thus saving time and bandwidth. My back-up is many gigabytes in size.

Alternatively, is it possible to exclude certain data from being backed-up? For example, my IMAP accounts have their email stored on the server, so I don’t really need to back them up again.

Hi, no Database will always change name depending on date and time when it is created and it is not possible to exclude data from it.
For backing up only certain data you can use File - Export… feature.


If I manually back-up the mail folder (where the dat files etc are located), will I be able to restore from these files in future?

I think yes: copying the whole directory in which eM Client stores it’s data, should enable you to ‘restore’ em Client in the future.

Of course, you will have lost the data which was added after the moment you made the copy.

John Galis of eM Client can probably give more details.

Yes, it is possible but not recommended. We use it in work when we need to test things on isolated databases with issues, but under no circumstances it is standard and supported way how to backup files.

So yes, it is possible, but we do not provide any support if it fails or destroys data, because for us it is not standard way.

If you want to be sure then use File - Backup… tool and you will be much safer.


Thanks for the clarification, John.

I’m backup up my data right now using your recommended way!

Excellent decision, using other ways is not supported and could result in loss of data.