Backup failed - unable login to exiting files

Backup failed. Info re failure disappeared before I could copy it to forward with this message. When I try to login to EM Client it thinks it is a my first ever login. Please help me restore my files and get me back up on the app.
Thank you, Lou Young

Do you have any successful eMC backups prior to today’s failure?

Have been an eMC client for multiple years and have had multiple (automatic) backups without ever receiving any messages regarding any failures or issues.

If I understand you correctly, you do have a very recent eMC backup. Given that, then I would suggest you restore your most recent successful backup using MENU > FILE > RESTORE

If there are multiple backups listed just ensure you are restoring the most recent one.

Did what you suggested. Apparently the system did not find any backup files, The restore took about 1 second; no option to select the most recent backup; no old records showed after the restore. Any suggestions?
I appreciate you trying to help me.

Second note: I do have access to GMail via Google. Should I just try to transfer my GMail messages over to EMC like I would if this was my first time ever using EMC?

I am a little confused. When you originally received the “backup failed” message, what did you do BEFORE “logging in to eMC”?

In addition, when doing your eMC backups, where were they being saved?

I read the message that said to save /copy the attached message and contact emc support. However, in trying to save the message it disappeared from the screen and I I could not get it back . After that I shut done my laptop; restarted it and tried to rum emc.
Thee backup was something that ran periodically in the background and I never had any opportunity to specify where the backups were being saved. Sorry, but this is all I can provide int he way of information.


If all your emails are in Gmail then I would think uninstalling eMC, deleting the database, when asked and reinstalling the current version of eMC from this LINK and setting eMC up from scratch, is the best idea.

Before you do that, you may want to wait a bit in case another of the folks in this forum have a better idea. They may be in different time zones, so they may be :sleeping: :sleeping:

Your choice!!!

I waited and no one else responded. So I followed your instructions and everything is back up and running. Thanks much for all your help. I really appreciate it.