Backup does not work

Pardon me posting this again but it seems all the other posts are rather old.

Well… the backup does work but I would have expected “the best mail client for Windows” to be able to warn the user that it will shut down in x minutes in order to perform the backup.  No action from the user shuts down, does the backup and re-starts the program.

The prompt telling me it can’t do the backup because eM Client is running is decidedly “third prize”.

I have noticed that the program detects an un-authorized shut down.  If this happens then em Client is “shut down”, the database is checked and eM Client re-starts… Why can the backup not also re-start eM Client once the backup is complete?

Please view this as  a “feature request”.   :slight_smile:

Hello Tony,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum.
I marked this as an Idea thread (since those are the equivalent of Feature requests here on the forum) so it’s easier for our developers to consider this improvement to eM Client in the future updates.