BACKUP_do you need to keep all backup files

I currently have eM Client version 7.1.30794.0 and am very pleased with it.  I usually Backup my Email data to a Thumb Drive once a month.  An earlier eM Client Backup process use to create a file with the current date and at the end of the process delete the prior Backup file.  I noticed that the revised process creates a new Backup Zip file but does not delete the prior Backup Zip file.  My last Backup file was quite large (1.23 GB) and I have five others about the same size.  I am concerned about running out of space on the Thumb Drive.     1.11 GB      1.14 GB     1.22 GB     1.22 GB     1.23 GB     1.23 GB

Is each Backup Zip file a complete composition of the eM Client data for the date that it was created?  I want to delete the other five Backup files except for the most recent one.  Is that okay?


Yes it is. Each file is an distinct copy of your stuff at a moment of time .
There is an option that the system will create a backup for you on a schedule and only keep a # that you specify .  I have it saving only 3 backups  on a weekly basis . You can make it anything you need.

Menu - Tools _Settings -Backups
Select where you want it to go
And how often
and how many backups do you want to save

Your Thumb drive may need to be attached all the time so it can always find it when  the backup starts.

Thanks Richard, for taking the time to reply.   Knowing that each back up is complete helped me feel comfortable about trying your solution.


  1. Went to Menu, Tools, Settings, Tab_General, BackupChecked “Enable periodic backup”
  2. Set Frequency: to 2 weeks
  3. Set Preserve last: to 2 backup
  4. OK

I then did a Manual Backup to my Thumb Drive and then rechecked my Thumb Drive after the backup.  Only two Backups remained (current and most recent).  The other Backups were automatically deleted by the Manual Backup process.  Success!

I suspect that after accepting a prior eM Client Update it may have modified how Backup operated prior to the update.

Thanks Again,


Some Info that may be helpful.  The Backup is for everything except if you have a tailored Theme.  Make sure you have that backed up by itself also your license number just in case .   A restore does all no  option for a particular part.    If you do Archiving  of old mail  then an export of the archived mail is a good idea.  so if you need to bring just one item back that is archived it could be done.  By using the auto backup feature the program knows where the backups are so a restore is easy as it knows where they should be  unless you move them.