Backup Control Request

Could we possibly get a bit more control over the backup settings?

Specifically, they ability to include/exclude specific accounts and the ability to control the auto run time on a schedule?

Background info:
I need to keep emails for 10+ years for contractual reasons. Many of these have large attachments. The size of this email account is 50gb+ at present.
To facilitate this, I operate a local IMAP mail server, which has independent backup services.

Local backups take up a large amount of disk space on my laptop keeping 3 copies.
They also take a significant amount of time to complete, even more if I use a networked drive for backup storage [several hours].

Ideally, I would like to exclude the local email account from the backup process or at least be able to make sure the backup runs and completes outside of working hours [i.e. starting at midnight each day.]
Presently, the backup runs automatically and prevents the eMC app being closed down or started up while the backup is running.

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Presently, the backup runs automatically and prevents the eMC app being closed down or started up while the backup is running

You can then alternatively disable the automatic periodic backup and manually do the backup when you want on a regular basis.

To manually backup eM Client click “Menu / Backup” (PC) or “File / Backup” (Mac). You can see when the backup is complete in “Show Operations” via the drop-down on the right of Refresh at the top left.

Like the idea. :grinning:
Also useful when migrating an account to another service provider, a process which may take several days if there are issues. If you take a backup of the whole lot, then when it’s a few days later you lose all the activity in the other accounts after the restore.
Backup/restore for specific obviously requires more flexible gui, with the primary purpose of keeping the subscribers from futzing around with files and folders too much.

So far no action on this from the dev team, but for the scheduling side of things I’ve been using Task Scheduler to set it to a more convenient time.
I’ve also got an rclone script that moves the backups to a networked drive, which is set to run after the eM Client [should have] completed.
Not ideal as I’ve still got the local backup files eating space, but I’ve built a new pc now that has enough storage that it’s not an issue for now.
Still, it would be great not to have to backup the local mail server docs.