backup and import pst file from outlook

Hello, Does eM Client backup everything in the event of a computer crash. Also, can I import a pst file from outlook into eM CLient. and how do i do that?

Hi, yes if you use the eM Client’s backup tool, your whole database including account settings etc. are saved.
You can also import .pst files from Microsoft Outlook, just go to File > Import, and select Microsoft Outlook and proceed with the steps, there’s an option to import from a pst file.

Thank you, I hope this helps,

how do i know if eM back up tool is being used? 

Hi, you can use the automatic backup, which you can turn on in Tools > Settings > General > Backup and click on Enable backup and select the frequency and target directory where the backup is saved (I recommend saving it on an external hard drive if this is a backup in case the computer has a crash).

Or you can do it manually by going to File > Backup, which creates the backup immediately.

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