Backup and archiving in version 5 beta

What is the difference between:

Tools - Settings - Mail - Automatic Archiving
Tools - Settings - backup - Enable backup

One more question:
The function “find” will find mail in archives?

Archiving referring to moving mails (IMAP account) to a local folder for backup.
The automatic back-up referring to the actual database of eM on the HDD (the ones we use to copy for retaining settings/data).

As for finding mails in the archive, I’m sure it will. Though I can’t say 100% sure, since I don’t intend to use that feature. I have mass mail rules for arranging my mails already on the server side. You just have to try.

I tried Mail - Automatic Archiving for one account (olders than 120 days)…
nothing happened.
Do they should go in Local folders on eMClient ?
If so, all archives of different accounts will go (if it works) in the same folder (local sent and received)?

For the backup is more simple, it is as a .zip file in D:\eMClient or where we want.

When you choose the option search in All folders, Archive will be included too.

After first Archiving new folder named Archive is created in the left control panel (under Local folders).

Try the “Perform Archiving” button in the Automatic archiving settings window.

Automatic archiving was already on.
I tryed on two accounts > archive olders than 60 days
I clicked on “Perform archiving”…nothing happened and I have nothing created in the left panel in local folders. I also exit eMClient and run it again.

(For the other backup in .zip file it works perfectly).

Did you select any folders to be archived?

…!!! No! I just discovered how to select folders :slight_smile:
Thank you George

Can I find somewhere the mails I archieved? Are they in my old database, the data base which was corrupted?

Yes, if you want you can send it to us and we will try to recover your data.

Yes I would like. The mails I archieved were in the corrupted database I sent you a few days ago. I think it was the account “asso”. (Sorry, I write from the laptop, not at home).

If you have time and you still have my corrupted data base, could you help me to recover the archived mails.