Background picture in email templates

Photo selected for email template appears as several small photos in message area instead of one large photo covering the entire area.

The background image will be tiled, rather than stretched, to fill the space.

Hi Gary,
Thank you for your reply - but I am not sure if I understand i right. What happens is that I find an image, use “save as” and find if again in my files. It is usually saved as jpg file or another picture file. When I create a template for an email campaign, I insert the picture, but instead of one picture, it comes as double or many, many pictures instead.

Should I save it as something else?  Or change the code, one way or another?

These are also advices, I am not sure how to take into good use;-)
Images aren’t supported across all email clients, especially Outlook Test your email image in live copy of Outlook; big images may crash Add an ALT text for your images Mention the size of the image; your ALT text will reside in that frame Set a background color as a fallback

Your message is composed as HTML, using the background tag to place the image. This tag works by placing the image in the top left corner, and then repeating it horizontally and vertically to fill the window. As you have no control over the viewed window size at the receiver’s end, the HTML just repeats the image till it covers the background. Ideal images to use for backgrounds are seamless pattern images that when laid side by side form a seamless pattern.

Something like this image:

The other method is stretching, which is not supported in eM Client, and which would normally result in an out of proportion and normally over magnified image.