background in reading window

I use dark background in eM Client - it’s good for my eyes - and would like to also have dark background in the read mail window. I have not found any way to do that. Is this possible?

The background colour of an email is defined in the formatting. So, as far as I know, eM Client cannot override that.

I even set eM Client to only read emails as ‘plain text’ (no formatting at all), but eM Client still presented the body of the email with a white background, irrespective of theme.

As far as I can tell, setting the email body background and text colour is not an option.

Thank you for the answer.

Hi Rolf,

I did a test on this and the answer isn’t quite “black or white”…
no pun intended.

It worked on my own mail sent from gmail, but not always on mail from other senders,
See my own mail example,

I sent the mail from Gmail  to and read it in eM Client
and as you see - it worked.

In other mail I may get (alter)  the surrounding background, but not where the text is,
nor is the text color changed.

You can experiment with it - You see were the settings are.

Thanks again!
Peculiar! I have experimented with this previous, and now it suddenly works - at least when I send from gmail to myself. It does not work when reading mails from companies - probably due to the formatting they use.

Hi Rolf,

Yes, that was my experience too…
BTW Which OS are you using?  

In Win10 ,you can change  it to what you  may possibly want.
through Ease of Access. then choose the Color filters and Invert colors.
Tick to use the shortcut C trl,Win Logo + C to toggle.

So you don’t even have to choose Dark Theme in eM Client…

Just tried it on my Test Win 10

I’m useing W10. I will experiment a little more. Thank you for the new proposals.

I have tried what you suggested. It didn’t work very well as I have turned on dark appmodus in Settings - Personalization - Colours. Then the screen looked quite crazy on all other screens.

Hi, yes, I agree ,but that’s why I recommended to use the toggle…
Besides,it looks like you also you followed a different path than what I described.

Remember we were talking about the reading pane in eM Client emails
What do you care about the desktop screen while you’re reading your mail?
The toggle you can find in the same section of Ease of Access- Vision - Color Filters.

BTW -The text and backgound settings in eM Client may not agree with Windows Settings, so use what gives you the best results.
iow - one or the other…

I misunderstood for a moment. As I’ve had my W10 laptop for just a few months, I’m not quite familar with the W10 Settings Menu yet.
Now it works very well useing Alt+WinKey+C to to toggle Color Filters after having activated this option in Ease of Access.
Thank’s a lot for your help.

Thanks for the feedback,
Yeah ,curiously, I have to use Ctrl+Winkey+C -as indicated on my screen,

You’re welcome - that was the whole idea of the extra info :slight_smile:

Is it still not possible to achieve this? I understand that HTML content does it’s own formatting and may predefine the background color for certain parts of the mail. However, Outlook seems loke it doesn’t care about that because i managed to have a consistent light on dark reading environment. Would appreciate to see this in eMClient as well.

I think eM Client respects the original formatting more than some other email clients.

The only way you will get your own background is with plain text messages, where there is no background specified in the message format. Some HTML messages will also work depending on the specific HTML, but most will display as the sender intended.