Back to a blank email program after upgrading

Today I got a popup out of the blue saying I needed a license to continue using EMclient.  I couldn’t find my old activation key so I got a new one and entered it, all was good apparently.  Then I got a popup to upgrade my mail.  Went through that and I now have a fresh copy of EMclient with none of my emails or folders being there.  Suggestions?

I did manage to find Windows Restore (using Windows 10 and I thought initially it was not turned on) so I rolled back to the restore point before EMclient was upgraded and my email is all back.  Not installing that update for a while.

Hello Bruce,
that update was actually an upgrade to eM Client 7.
You should be offered a choice to migrate your version 6 database OR use the File>Import>Import from eM Client 6 after completion.
Or was there perhaps any error message during the update process?