Back button

A useful feature in Outlook that I miss in eM Client is a Back button. There are many ways in which this can be a time saver, e.g: back up a step after accidentally clicking on the wrong thing; quickly check the calendar, then return to reviewing emails; check the content of a folder before moving an email into it; … As someone else suggested a couple of years ago, a back (and maybe also a forward) button could be linked to the navigation buttons on some mice.

Hi Edward, I agree, thank you for the suggestion we’re currently considering adjusting this in future updates or releases. Currently the back step only works for deleted items but not for move actions etc.

Thank you,

Thanks for the response Paul. Just to be clear though, a ‘back’ button is different than ‘undo’. It would be great if ‘undo’ could be enhanced as you describe, but a ‘back’ button is for navigation (as in a web browser or Android OS), not undoing actions: it takes the user back to the previous view.