for server doesn’t work correctly. i uninstal whole emClient and installed back, have correct settings of email account - pop3, smtp, when i click on test - it’s show OK on both, also in email box through website i can see test mail. but - new mails won’t appear on emClient at all!!! i attached screenshot, if you need it. there you can clearly visible, in mailbox are many new and unopened mails, in emclient none of them. no matter if i restart emclient, or click to send/receive… any idea?

Myslim, ze nemusime komunikovat po anglicky. (I assume we can communicate in Slovak.)
Nie sme si isti, ci nam to v niecom pomoze, ale ocenili by sme, keby ste nam poslali zaznamy sietovej komunikacie: chodte do menu Nastroje->Nastaveni->Diagnosticke zaznamy a zaskrtnite Sitova komunikace. Restartujte eM Clienta, pokuste sa problem nasimulovat a poslite nam logy pomocou rovnakeho okna nastaveni (kliknite na Poslat logovaci soubory…) s referenciou na problem (tento topic fora).